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APCI-035 Watchdog board

APCI-035 Watchdog board

Quick Overview

Watchdog board, optically isolated, 4 watchdogs/timers
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The board APCI-035 is equipped with 4 watchdogs which can monitor software and hardware tasks independently from each other. Watchdog 1 works with 2 alarm levels and can be programmed with 1 of 4 different time units (µs, ms, s, min). In case of error, watchdog 1 warns the PC or the peripheral.

If the error is not removed, the alarm level 2 is automatically triggered after a defined timeout and prepares the system and the peripheral for a hardware reset.
The alarm levels are controlled through 1 trigger channel and 4 different time bases. The internal PC temperature can be monitored through the onboard temperature sensor.

  • 4 watchdogs, timers
  • Activation through software
  • Optical isolation 500 V
  • Reset time: 2 s
  • Time base Watchdog/Timer: µs, ms, s, min
  • Temperature monitoring: precision ± 2°C measuring range
      -45°C to 135°C (practical range 0-60°C)


Addressing: 32-bit
Addressing range: 256 Byte
Interrupt: Über BIOS
Optical isolation: 500 V (from the PC to the peripheral)


Depth: 8-bit
Switching time of the reset relays: 2 s
4 x programmable watchdogs/timers: Time selectable from 2 μs to 255 min
Time units: μs, ms, s, min

Temperature monitoring

Accuracy: ± 2 °C
Measurement range: -45 °C to 135 °C (real range of application 0-60 °C)
Resolution: 8-bit

Relay data

Type of contacts: 2 change-over contacts
Max. switching voltage: 60 VAC, 48 VAC
Max. switching current: 1 A
Max. switching capacity: 62.5 VA, 30 W
Min. permissible load: 1 mA / 5 VAC
Nominal load: 1 A 24 VAC
Contact resistance: < 100 mΩ
Contact material: Ag + Au-plated
Responding time: max. 5 ms, typ. 2.5 ms
Release time: max. 5 ms, typ. 0.9 ms
Mechanical life: 5 x 106 operations
Electrical life at 24 V: 105 operations

Digital input

Nominal input current at 24 V: 6 mA
Nominal input voltage: 24 V
Switching threshold: >16 V for logical "1".

Physical and environmental conditions

Dimensions: 120 x 85 mm
System bus: PCI 32-bit 3.3/5 V acc. to spec. 2.2 (PCISiG)
Space required: 1 PCI slot
Operating voltage: +5 V, ± 5 % from the PC
Current consumption: 240 mA ± 10 % typ.
Front connector: 9-pin SUB-D male connector
Temperature range: 0 to 60 °C (with forced cooling)

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Watchdog board: peripheral, software and temperature monitoring for multitasking operating systems
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