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Graphtec GL2000 High Speed Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Feb 21,2018
The GL2000 is a 4 channel standalone data logger suitable for high voltage and true RMS monitoring. more >
Low power relays, audio and visual alarm units, switches.
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MPDCD3 PCB Mounted Solid State Relay
Solid State Relay
The MPDCD3 is a PCB mounted solid state relay (SSR) suitable for switching power to DC devices. Operation voltage 3-32vDC, Load voltage 3-60vDC, maximum current 3A. SPST normally open or closed contacts.
Price range : £27.71 - £32.96

2-3 Days Del.

100dB Audio Alarm Sounder
100dB Audio Alarm Sounder
This alarm sounder is an 8-tone electronic sounder with a 230vAC power supply. This product is ideal for close proximity industrial applications as an audible alarm for a monitoring system. The sounder is available with a deep base offering side entry and IP65 protection.
Price range : £55.00 - £55.00

2-3 Days Del.

Threaded Barrel Magnetically Activated Reed Switch
Magnetic Reed Switch
The 59070 magnetic reed switch is a small barrel sensor with an M8 x 1.25 thread activated by a permanent magnet. Switching distance 12-20mm with SPST normally open or closed contacts. The sensor draws no current in the non-activated state, making it ideal for battery power applications. The sensor is also well suited to high moisture and contaminated environments. The reed contacts allow for millions of operations and will work through materials such as wood, plastic and aluminium.
Price range : £1.98 - £11.85

2-3 Days Del.

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