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PR2223 Dual Switchmode Power Supply
  • PR2223 Dual Switchmode Power Supply

2223 Dual Switchmode Power Supply

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Quick Overview

The PR 2223 dual switch mode power supply provides two fixed stabilised outputs variable between 5 and 24vDC with a maximum power output of 7.5 Watts from a 24, 115 or 230vAC power supply. The two fixed outputs may be connected in series to provide a output voltage in the range of 10 to 48vDC. The PR 2220 power supply includes a 3.75kVAC isolation, plus short-circuit and thermal overload protection. A standard 11-pole relay socket allows DIN Rail mounting and also wiring via screw terminals. This power supply is suitable for PELV/SELV applications.
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  • General dual 5 to 24vDC power supply for equipment that requires stabilised DC voltages.
  • Separation of circuits in safety installations according to the PELV/SELV norm.
  • A single unit can provide a bipolar (plus/minus) power supply or a higher output voltage.
  • The small mechanical dimensions of the dual switchmode power supply allow for a high DC output power, even in narrow spaces.


  • 24 / 115 / 230 VAC supply voltage
  • 3.75 kVAC isolation
  • 2 adjustable 5-24vDC outputs
  • Output: ±5-24vDC, 10-48vDC
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Thermal protection against overload

Technical characteristics:

The unit is based on secondary switchmode technology enabling an adjustable output with a minimum loss of power. Isolation test voltage between input and output is 3.75 kVAC and min. clearance and creepage distances are 6 mm, according to EN60 742. This makes the unit suitable for PELV/SELV applications. The double isolated safety transformer includes a 100°C thermal fuse, which switches off the input before the transformer is overheated. When the temperature returns below 100°C the thermal fuse will automatically switch on the power supply.


The 2223 is mounted via the 11-pole socket mounting bracket, which can be fitted directly on the bottom plate, or to a DIN Rail. A front panel mounting frame can be used for enclosure mounting and a retention clip is available for securing the unit for installations with high vibrations. Note: To achieve maximum cooling, mount in a vertical position with a minimum of 10mm between neighbouring units.


Standard supply voltages in accordance to the specified input voltages ±10%. Galvanic isolation is ensured by the double insulated safety transformer.


The outputs are adjustable by 2 front potentiometers in the ranges 5-24vDC. Two green LEDs, Power on 1 and Power on 2, indicate active outputs. The short circuit protection limits the current on each output. The two supplies are galvanically separated with 500vAC test voltage and can be connected in series or used as two independent supplies with or without a common ground. By connecting the two outputs in series, 10-48vDC or ± 5-24vDC are achieved. The total output power must not exceed 7.5 W.


Type Supply Voltage Output 1 Output 2

 A: 115vAC
 B: 230vAC
 D: 24vAC

 0: Special (5-24vDC)
 1: 24vDC
 2: 15vDC
 3: 12vDC
 4: 5vD
 0: Special (5-24vDC)
 1: 24vDC
 2: 15vDC
 3: 12vDC
 4: 5vDC

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PR2223 Dual Switchmode Power Supply
Dual Switchmode Power Supply. Supply voltage options of 23/115/240vAC and dual output options between 5 and 24vDC, please specify the desired supply voltages and vDC outputs. The unit has a 3.75kVAC isolation and includes short circuit and thermal overload protection.
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PR Accessories
Stainless Steel retention clip for use with 11 point relay socket. Necessary in environments with strong vibrations.
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11-Pole Relay socket for coding with screw terminals. For mounting on a DIN rail or directly on the bottom plate. Dimensions (HxWxD) 68 x 38 x 24mm.
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